Sunday, May 9, 2010

quick statue sketch


  1. Nice one Ed. Hope you are well. By the way if you interested in emailing me a couple of pics of some of your dublin sketcher work, I'll be putting together a slide show which we'll be projecting at the opening night of the Dublin Sketchers Exhibition on the 11th of June 6pm to 9.30pm, and we can include your pics. More details on the Sketchers blog.



  2. Hey James, good to hear from you. Excuse for not getting back sooner, had too much on with the new job.
    The exhibition looks great, it seems to have catalyzed the native talent in people.
    Shame I missed it, I have 2000 beer bottle caps I've been itching to do something with.
    The new hacker space is open beside the Radison hotel if anyone wants the grand tour, good space for doing murals or large canvasses.